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South Africa currently exports all its fluorspar as acidspar and metspar primarily to Europe for hydrogen fluoride beneficiation and the production of aluminum fluoride. Due to the facilities for downstream products being overseas, these products are re-imported into South Africa at a higher cost which represents a significant opportunity for a South African beneficiation plant to be developed.

SepFluor has completed a BFS for the development of a fluorochemical beneficiation plant (SepChem) at Ekandustria Industrial Zone near Bronkhorstspruit, some 50km from Nokeng Fluorspar Mine. It is being promoted against the background of growing demand throughout Southern Africa for fluorochemical products, together with the South African Government’s support of downstream beneficiation of minerals and the development of a fluorochemical initiative in the country.

Envisaged production:

  • Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride – 60ktpa
  • Aluminium fluoride (AIF3) – 60ktpa

Economic fundamentals of the processes, demonstrated by the graphic below, and the improving economic fundamentals, potentially support the move to downstream beneficiation.