Ekandustria beneficiation [map]

SepFluor is exploring the possibility of proceeding with plans to develop a fluorochemical plant at Ekandustria near Bronkhorstspruit, some 50km from Nokeng Fluorspar Mine.

Economic fundamentals of the processes, demonstrated by the graphic below, and the improving economic fundamentals, potentially support the move to downstream beneficiation.


Multiple Downstream Levels and Value Addition

Multiple downstream levels and value addition [graph]

The fluorochemical plant development being reviewed is provisionally scheduled to come on stream simultaneously with the second mining operation (Wallmannsthal). It is being promoted against the background of growing demand throughout Southern Africa for fluorochemical products, together with the South African Government’s support of downstream beneficiation of minerals and the development of a fluorochemical initiative in the country.

The region currently consumes some 30 000tpa of aluminum tri-fluoride, all of which is imported.

It is envisaged that Wallmannsthal’s production of acid-grade calcium fluoride will report to a hydrogen fluoride manufacturing facility, which will produce high-grade anhydrous hydrogen fluoride primarily for use in an aluminum tri-fluoride manufacturing facility. This facility will produce aluminum tri-fluoride for use in both local and international aluminum smelters. The hydrogen fluoride facility will also produce anhydrite (CaSO4) for use in the building and construction industries and in fertilizer applications, while the excess hydrogen fluoride, not used for the production of aluminum tri-fluoride, will be available for downstream fluorochemical initiatives.

Ekandustria beneficiation [timeline]