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SepFluor has a large and diverse shareholder base stemming from the unbundling of SepFluor from Sephaku Holdings in 2012. 

Key shareholders:

  • AMED Funds,  the majority shareholder, is a private equity group founded in 2012 by David Twist, Rudolph de Bruin and Carlo Baravalle, focused on developing tier-1 mineral projects in Africa. AMED has been involved from the unbundling phase of the company and was primarily responsible for the equity applied to develop the company through investments from all three of its established funds. AMED’s interests are represented through Nokeng Holdings Limited, Silox Ventures Limited, AMED II, Amethyst and vendor finance interests in Ixowise Joint Venture and Ixofluor Joint Venture.
  • Ixowise Joint Venture is the primary Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) partner.